What is? … HIV Life Insurance

HIV Life Insurance (also known as HIV Life Assurance) is taken out by people living with HIV to protect themselves in the event of death. Most HIV Life Insurance  policies taken out are either Level Term Assurance or Decreasing Term Assurance plans.

Traditionally the UK Life Insurance Industry has not been very friendly towards HIV Positive people in the past. HIV people were excluded from taking Life Insurance  right up until 2009 in the United Kingdom.

If you are HIV Positive and yourself in doubt when taking out Life Insurance3, then seek advice.

Unusual Risks Mortgage and Insurance Services are Mortgage and Insurance Advisers to the HIV Community and may be reached by phone 0845 474 3075, or by email enquiries@unusualrisks.co.uk

Their website may be found at  http://www.unusualrisks.co.uk/

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