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Unusual Risks – Health & Medical Conditions By Chris Morgan (Last Updated February 2020)

Unusual Risks are highly experienced at arranging Life Insurance for many other groups of people, outside of the HIV Community. We are experts in advising clients regarding Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover where people may have been diagnosed with other Medical Conditions.

We meet people who require privacy, discretion and confidentiality when applying for their Life Insurance. Our experience looking after people with Complex Medical conditions for over two decades, means that we are the UK’s number one specialist life insurance adviser for both personal and business protection.

Financial Adviser Quote …

Chris Morgan, Lead Financial Adviser, Unusual Risks

“Are you aware that Unusual Risks offer Life Insurance, Income Protection & Critical Illness Cover to other groups of people, who are not living with HIV?  We are highly experienced at finding Insurance products for people in many other complex medical situations for both personal and business purposes”.

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Here are some relevant examples of both private and general medical conditions that you may find useful …

“Private Health & Medical Conditions”

Hepatitis A, B, C & D

Hepatitis has always been difficult medical conditions when it comes to finding Insurance products, However it is now possible in certain circumstances to secure favourable terms for both Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover for each of these conditions.


HIV is probably the most difficult medical condition to obtain Life Insurance, our lead financial adviser is the person who has campaigned and secured Life Insurance for the HIV Community for two decades and also looks after hundreds of other insurance clients with what they regard as “Private Medical Conditions”.

Mental Health – Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, have also traditionally been difficult medical conditions for securing Life Insurance and Critical Illness. Insurers are also now becoming more open minded in this area and are more flexible around the terms and pricing that they offer clients.

Past Drug Usage

Insurance Companies are very well known for automatically declining applicants where there is any type of previous drug usage recorded on their medical file – we do now have insurers that will consider historic drug use outside of the last five years. Cover in this area is both achievable and affordable.

Sexual Behaviour – STI’s

Sexual Behaviour and STI’s are often very difficult to discuss with insurers, let alone secure an offer of Insurance from them. You can talk to us about what is recorded on your medical file and we will help you to secure cover, without any of the stress of speaking to them directly.

Suicidal Thoughts – Attempts

Historically insurers have always been difficult to approach with regards to Mental Health Issues and in particular suicidal thoughts and attempts. We recognise these are highly sensitive issues and are able to help you by assessing your chances of securing cover before approaching any Life Insurance Company, using our specialist knowledge.


Tuberculous is another condition that can be relatively serious for a patient, but after treatment is insurable for Life Insurance. Insurers differ considerably over the way they treat applicants who may have a history of this condition.

“General Health & Medical Conditions”

Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol readings can affect the overall premium that is offered for both Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. However, did you know that some companies charge extra and some don’t for these conditions? Some insurers have a more relaxed attitude towards these day to day medical conditions than others.


There is a common belief that once someone has been diagnosed and then recovered from Cancer, they are excluded from obtaining further Life Insurance. For certain types of cancer this could not be any further from the truth, as we have secured Life Insurance for many people who are in remission from various types and grades of cancer.

Diabetes & Diabetics

One of the most common “General” medical conditions we encounter is diabetes, as different insurers have varying policies on this and whether they offer Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover – speak to us for advice in this area. We have successfully obtained insurance cover for people with diet controlled, type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Family History (hereditary conditions & genetic conditions)

Recently insurers have started placing greater emphasis on family history and how it effects an applicant’s premium they are offered. Not all insurers treat people the same when it comes to family history, so be sure to seek professional financial advice before agreeing to pay additional premiums due to your family history.

Genetic Testing

If you have voluntarily taken genetic tests through either a private doctor or your own GP, be certain to know your rights over the disclosures that you are required to make to an Insurer. Once an insurer has viewed medical evidence it is very difficult to persuade them to discard that information. Always take professional advice before making disclosures.

Heart Conditions (Heart Attack / Angina)

Many people recover from a Heart Attack and are then able to manage their heart condition going forward. We have a very high success rate of securing terms for people with Heart Conditions. This is one area that Insurers are likely to charge additional premium, but they vary enormously in how they treat people.

Height & Weight – Body Mass Index

A person’s height and weight can affect the eventual premium they are required to pay for their insurance. Insurance Companies use the BMI Index to assess levels of premium. This can vary wildly between insurers, so be sure to check if you are being treated fairly before finalising insurance.

If you require any information about any other medical condition not mentioned here then you are welcome to contact us for further help and advice …

Chris Morgan was a consultant to the Association of British Insurers medical underwriting committee for over 15 years in relation to HIV and other private medical conditions. He was been advising clients in regards to their protection needs for over 30 years and is the UK’s most experienced medical financial adviser. His Career Biography can be viewed here

If you need any information about “Inclusive Insurance” for any medical condition or are a medical professional with a patient or client that needs advice, then you can call us on 0845 474 3075 or email us at

Unusual Risks are specialists at finding inclusive Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection for people with complex medical situations.