“Money Matters” by Chris Morgan

HIV Life Insurance – 10 Year Anniversary – Product Providers

Unusual Risks, financial advisers to the HIV Community are today announcing the results of their latest HIV Life Insurance Survey. After contacting the major Life Assurance providers in the UK, they can now report that 70% of insurers are now offering some form of HIV Life Assurance, which is a slight reduction from 75% recorded in last year’s survey.

This is the tenth year that Unusual Risks have surveyed the availability of HIV Life Assurance products in the UK, with the earliest survey results indicating less than 50% of insurance providers were offering any form of HIV Life Assurance.  The reason for the change in the figures is that there has been some consolidation of providers within the market.

Speaking about their survey, Chris Morgan, Lead Financial Adviser of Unusual Risks said;

‘We recently surveyed the top ten life assurance groups, who service brokers and were delighted to see that 70% of companies are now offering some form of Life Assurance to HIV Positive people. We are greatly encouraged that this figure remains stable., especially after 10 years of products being available’.

In our survey published earlier this year we were able to report an improvement in the average amount of Life Assurance being taken by consumers at £223,372 in the last 12 months, which was a significant increase on the previous rolling figure of £140,516. This is due to significantly improved monthly premiums and the length of policies that are now available.’

Chris Morgan and Unusual Risks have campaigned on behalf of the HIV Community for the last two decades, firstly for the introduction of HIV Life Assurance, followed by the lengthening of policy terms and then most recently the reduction of monthly premiums. HIV Life Assurance now has the lowest premiums and longest terms ever offered to consumers.

We would encourage holders of existing Life Assurance plans to contact us for a review to see if their policy can be improved, either by reducing the premium, or by improving the length of the policy. Unusual Risks are very proud to have played the lead role in improving the accessibility of financial products for people with HIV over the last decade.

No financial adviser in the UK has more knowledge of HIV Life Assurance!

“Mortgage Matters” by Chris Morgan

Mortgages For Nurses

Although Unusual Risks are best known for their ground-breaking work securing Life Insurance for People Living with HIV, they do also advise clients in several other areas of financial services. Mortgages is a key area they regularly assist patients and service users, along with helping the staff and nurses that look after them.

Did you know that we arrange Mortgages for Nurses through Unusual Mortgages?

We are regularly asked to help nurses who are having difficulty getting mortgages, due to their income or employment status. These problems can be related to changes in their employment between employed or self-employed status or issues around them having fixed term contracts or temporary contracts.

There are many Nurses and NHS staff in the UK who are now paid either through fixed term contracts or agency agreements, which we have found can affect their ability to obtain mortgages. We have vast experience of placing Mortgages in difficult and challenging circumstances and have helped many Nurses and NHS Staff.

If you are a nurse struggling to obtain a mortgage then call us on 0845 474 3075

Did you know we also help people to buy their homes under the Local Authority “Right to Buy” Scheme?

Tenants are able to buy their own homes from their local authority and receive a maximum discount on their purchase price of up to 70% (or a maximum of £82,800 across England and £110,500 in London boroughs). Sometimes we meet people who had never even considered that they may be eligible for a mortgage, but it is definitely worth checking.

Even if in the past you have had problems with Adverse Credit or are currently employed on fixed term or agency contract, we still may be able to help. We have been successful many times in finding mortgage finance for people with the “Right to Buy” from their local authority.

If you would like to buy your home under “Right To Buy” then call us on 0845 474 3075

15 Minutes Free Mortgage Assessment

Unusual Mortgages offer a free 15 minute mortgage assessment for anyone who is unsure as to whether they will be able to get a mortgage. Even if you have been turned down elsewhere, we will be able to confirm if the decision was correct and assess your options across all the other lenders that exist in the market.

If you have been turned down for a mortgage and are worried about how you were treated in the past, why not give us a call. Within 15 minutes you will know from an experienced mortgage adviser, if your goals and aims can be made into a reality – owning your own home.

Call us for your free Mortgage Assessment 0845 474 3075

Financial Products For Over 55’s by Chris Morgan

Unusual Risks and Unusual Mortgages also offer specialist services for over 55’s, as we recognise that people living with HIV have evolving financial needs as they get older. We have Lifetime Mortgages and Pension Advice Services for people who may be in need of reviewing their finances after the age of 55.


Lifetime Mortgages offer the opportunity for Homeowners to withdraw equity from their property from the age of 55 without any ongoing monthly payments. This has become increasingly popular and offers a way for people to enjoy the fruits of their working life by utilising the equity in their property. Equity can be withdrawn for any purpose.

These are the Top 10 different reasons that people take out Equity Release Mortgages …

  1. Repay Existing Mortgage or Personal Debts
  2. Fund Holidays or Vacations
  3. Home Improvements or Alterations
  4. Landscape Gardening or Conservatory
  5. Replace Car or Buy Second Car
  6. Buy Caravan or Motorhome
  7. Move Home or Buy a Bungalow
  8. Help a Family Member Buy Property
  9. Supplement Pension Income
  10. Private Healthcare or Medical Bills

Unusual Mortgages hold the higher-level accreditation and licencing needed to arrange Lifetime Mortgages.

If you would like to know more about Lifetime Mortgages then please give us a call 0845 474 3075


We regularly meet people who have personal pension funds, policies or assets that are either frozen or are lying dormant after breaks in employment or changes in their employment status. In one recent case example I met someone who has six separate pensions, which had been neglected over several years.

The chances are that if your Pensions are spread across several different funds, then you are likely to be incurring more management charges than necessary. If you are unlucky enough to have a pension with one of the “Closed” life assurance companies, then your money is likely to be with an administrator, where you are unlikely to attract the best returns.

Without doubt if you have “Legacy” pensions then you should be reviewing them all and we can help by introducing you to the best Pension advice possible. We have found there can be substantial benefits to reviewing and merging existing pension plans.

If your Personal Pensions are in need of being reviewed then please give us a call 0845 474 3075