HIV Insurance Survey 2018 … HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance

Unusual Risks, the medical financial advisers are today announcing the results of their latest HIV Life Insurance Survey. After contacting the major Life Assurance providers in the UK, they can now report that 75% of insurers are now offering some form of HIV Life Assurance.

This is the eighth year that Unusual Risks have surveyed the availability of HIV Life Assurance products in the UK, with the earliest survey result in 2011 indicating only 50% of insurance providers were offering any form of HIV Life Assurance.

Speaking about their survey, Chris Morgan, Lead Financial Adviser of Unusual Risks said;

‘We recently surveyed the top twelve life assurance groups, who service brokers and were delighted to see that 75% of companies are now offering some form of Life Assurance to HIV Positive people. We are greatly encouraged that this figure continues to improve each year.

‘Having more Life Insurance products available to HIV Positive people is obviously a good thing, because this is now leading to improved terms for consumers. Unusual Risks are constantly liaising with product providers to improve the availability and standards of HIV Life Insurance. 

‘We are constantly seeing improved products available to the consumer, with most policies now being offered for between a 15 and 25 years term. This is opposed to just a 5 and 10 years term, when HIV Life Insurance policies were first launched.

Unusual Risks are pleased to report that, steadily increasing numbers of Life Assurance Companies are offering Life Insurance for HIV Positive people. Gradually over the last eight years more insurers have elected to offer HIV Life Assurance, which means more choice for consumers.

Even though we have seen great improvements for people living with HIV, in the Life Insurance Industry, we note there are still some Insurance providers who still refuse to offer any Life cover. Also, there is still no improvement in the product areas of Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover, as these are still unavailable to people living with HIV.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering advice to clients living with HIV or Hepatitis on HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages, Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance, Hepatitis C Mortgages.

They are also the UK’s leading experts at planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for HIV Positive Families and are able to assist HIV Positive people looking for advice on their Pensions and Investments.

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