HIV Life Assurance & HIV Life Insurance & HIV Critical Illness Cover* – Part 1

The HIV Community seems to be heading into unchartered waters in regards to Life Insurance and advice recently? This week a client called my office after trying to buy Life Insurance from five different places, they had not had a good experience!

We couldn’t help expressing our frustration? “Why on earth would you approach a mainstream provider, who has zero knowledge of HIV and the medical issues faced by people living with HIV?”. There are specialist advisers with extensive knowledge on this subject.

Online Supermarkets & Mainstream Brokers

Our client had already approached two insurers directly, one of which doesn’t even offer HIV Life Assurance, along with an online supermarket and two mainstream brokers. None of which had any specialist detailed knowledge of HIV that could help them find life assurance.

Generally speaking most front line staff at major insurers will not be able to advise you, or will not be able to give you the likely eventual premium at point of sale. Online supermarkets do not even offer the product online and mainstream brokers will rarely come across people needing HIV Life Assurance.

It poses a serious question? Why would you approach any of these mainstream distribution routes for cover, when you are very unlikely to find the product you need? Especially when the UK’s leading financial adviser for people living HIV, is available to you without charging a direct cash fee?

Biography of Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan spent a decade campaigning for LGBT Rights and for the introduction of HIV Life Assurance between 1999 to 2009 and was part of the original working group that created the HIV Life Assurance products. His campaign directly resulted in the first Life Assurance products for people living with HIV being offered in 2009.

He has since dedicated his career to representing the LGBT and HIV Communities within the industry level for a further decade, co-writing the HIV and Insurance guidance used by the life assurance companies today and also the current consumer guide available in the market.

In total he’s been advising people living with HIV for 20 years, most of which has been specifically around Life Assurance and Life Insurance products. If you are considering trying to research this issue yourself, or considering approaching a mainstream broker, simply why would you when the countries leading expert is at your service?

Chris Morgan is the UK’s most experienced financial adviser for HIV related issues and with insurance providers remunerating financial advisers directly, it means you can get highly experienced, qualified, independent financial advice, free of charge – with a ZERO BROKER FEE on Life Insurance products!

There are several places you may consider to approach for specialist advice on HIV life assurance – but only one of those has actually worked for two decades on behalf of the HIV community and has created change within the financial services industry.

Important Note* Chris is still currently still campaigning for Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover, as these products are still unavailable for people living with HIV. In part 2 of this article soon to be released, he will share more information about the present situation in these areas.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering advice to clients living with HIV or Hepatitis on HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages, Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance, Hepatitis C Mortgages.

They are also the UK’s leading experts at planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for HIV Positive Families and are able to assist HIV Positive people looking for advice on their Pensions and Investments.

For more information about these services please contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075. Email or visit us online at

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