Life Insurance Advice For HIV Positive People … Cancellations and Disclosures

Unusual Risks and our lead financial adviser Chris Morgan have been working with the Association of British Insurers over the the past year, to produce new guiding principles for insurers and also a new Life Insurance consumer guide for HIV Positive people. Both are due to be published very soon and we would like to talk about some of the main issues that we have asked to be included in the new consumer guide …

Cancellations and Disclosures! 

Every week we are approached by HIV Positive people with existing Life Insurance, who are unsure if their policies still cover them? Some of these people have paid premiums for literally years, without even knowing if their policy is valid. Many of these people found themselves in difficult circumstances at outset, that meant they decided not to disclose their personal information.

During the consultation process with the Association of British Insurers, we sited very strongly the need for Insurance Companies to do more to help HIV Positive people make informed decisions. Chris Morgan our Lead Financial Adviser has co-written the new Consumers Guide which aim to give clear and accurate information on these issues.

Ahead of the publication launch here’s some key issues for you to consider …

If you were HIV Negative at the outset of your Life Insurance and then subsequently became HIV Positive, then it is highly likely that you’re Life Insurance will continue to cover you. In our recent survey we discovered that 22% of HIV Positive people have cancelled an existing Insurance as a result of their diagnosis and that 40% of these people would in fact still have been covered by their insurance company.

If you were HIV Positive at the outset of your policy and failed to disclose this on the application form, then is it highly likely that your Life Insurance will be invalid and will not cover you. We understand that people do this for many different reasons and in fact sometimes applicants feel the need to make a false declaration to protect their confidentiality and private health information.

HIV positive people who have taken out Life Insurance without making the necessary disclosures may find themselves paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, without knowing if the their policy is valid. We are always happy to assist people in this situation and offer advice on the best way to handle sensitively any “Non Disclosure” situations you may have with an existing insurance company.

Many Life Insurance companies now offer Life Insurance to HIV Positive applicants, so it is no longer necessary to “Non Disclose” on application forms. Premiums and terms vary between the different companies, so be sure to approach an Independent Insurance Adviser like Unusual Risks for advice. Chris Morgan led a ten year campaign (1999-2009) to secure Life Insurance for HIV Positive people in the United Kingdom.

HIV Positive people who have existing Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection polices, should most definitely seek specialist financial advice before making decisions with their policies. There are so many variations of these types of policies that it’s advisable to consult a financial adviser before making any decisions. We are always happy to take a look at your existing policies if you feel unsure if they are still valid?

Watch this space for news of the new ABI Guiding principles for Insurance Companies and their new Consumer Guide, as both are expected to be published very soon.You can register your interest in receiving the new consumer guide by emailing your details to us at When published the new guide will be available from us free of charge either by post or by email !

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