HIV Life Assurance & HIV Life Insurance – Latest News

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have recently been consulting with stakeholders from within the HIV Community about their new “Guiding Principles” for insurance companies around HIV and Insurance.

Some of the community stakeholders that have recently been consulted include National Aids Trust, Terence Higgins Trust, Nam Aidsmap, HIV Scotland, George House Trust and Waverley Care.

Chris Morgan our lead financial adviser, is part of the working group that created the new principles and following the consultation we are expecting them to be completed and published very soon.

Also, the new ABI consumer guide about HIV and Life Insurance, that fits alongside the new best practice, will be published soon and we will keep you informed of developments as they happen.

The new guide will be used to raise awareness of the availability of Life Insurance for HIV positive people. 33% of HIV Positive people in the UK still believe they cannot obtain Life Insurance when it is in fact available?

Case Example: Loretta is Aged 48 and works as a nurse …

Loretta Said …

“I currently have a mortgage in place for £210,000 and would like to protect both myself and my family against potential problems in the future. I have one daughter aged 18 and I would like the security of knowing that she is looked after should anything happen to me”.

Loretta Continued …

“I would like to know more about Life Assurance and protecting my mortgage payments against the effects of taking off work due to illness. I’m currently taking medication, my CD4 count is strong and my viral load has been undetectable for the last two years”.

Here’s the latest news with regards to Insurance products for HIV Positive people …

Every week people still contact our office not realising that they can now apply for Life Assurance to protect their Mortgages, Families, Children and Businesses. The Life Assurance industry repeatedly told the HIV Community that we were uninsurable for over two decades, so this is not surprising.

However, due to the HIV and Insurance campaign that our lead financial adviser Chris Morgan led for over a decade the insurance industry decided to offer Life Assurance to HIV Positive people in 2009. Life Insurance products are now available at both realistic and accessible premiums.

And Loretta?

We arranged HIV Life Assurance for Loretta on her new mortgage for £210,000 after showing her a number of options from £190,000 to £250,000. We always tailor any Life Insurance policy to our client’s individual needs and affordability, so contact us of a quotation.

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