Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for people living with HIV …

Unusual Risks the UK’s leading HIV Life Assurance advisers are currently campaigning to secure Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for people living with HIV …

Campaigning on behalf of the HIV Community is not something new for Unusual Risks and in particular our lead financial adviser Chris Morgan, who campaigned for over 10 years (1999 to 2009) to secure Life Assurance for people with HIV. During that campaign Chris was part of the Insurance Industry Working Group that designed the Life Insurance products that are available to people with HIV today.

He also represented “The Consumer” in the difficult negotiations that took place between stakeholders from within the HIV Community and the UK Insurance Industry, ensuring that the premiums and terms under which products were offered were both fair and respectful.

Over the last six years since the Launch of HIV Life Assurance there has been a steadily increase in interest from the HIV Community in other types of Personal Insurances such as Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover, this is especially the case when HIV positive people are taking out Life Assurance to protect their Mortgage.

Here’s and example where Renato (Aged 46) recently approached us for Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover.

Renato Said …

‘I’ve recently bought a new property and would like to take out Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover to protect my new mortgage. I’m really not sure what types of Insurance are available and I find it difficult to talk about my HIV Status with my bank who is also my mortgage lender’.

Renato Continued …

‘My CD4 Count is very strong, my viral load is undetectable and I’ve been on medication for over two years.  My priority now is to make sure that my partner and home are protected should I either die, or suffer from a long term serious Illness’.

Here’s the latest situation with regards to personal insurances for the HIV Community.

Unusual Risks have recently started to release research into the Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover needs of the HIV Community. Recently we published that 90% of HIV Positive people now would consider IPP or CIC if it were available in the market place.

Many of the people that have contacted Unusual Risks for Life Assurance since the launch of HIV Life Assurance have also asked us for either Income Protection and Critical Illness. This demonstrates that there is a clear insurable need for these types of products, so stay tuned for more statistics and research as we publish them.

And Renato?

We arranged HIV Life Assurance for Renato on his new mortgage after discussing the options available to him, that unfortunately did not include Critical Illness Cover at this moment in time. We have promised to keep Renato informed of any developments in our Campaign to secure Income Protection and Critical Illness for HIV Positive people as they happen.

You can follow the campaign by reading Chris Morgan’s resident column in Baseline Magazine or by visiting us at our new Facebook Campaign Page Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services. We would be very interested to hear your views and comments about Mortgages or Insurance for positive people.

If you require more information on HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages or Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance, Hepatitis C Mortgages you can contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services on 0845 474 3075, or email at or on the web at


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