HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance … Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover

Unusual Risks have recently launched a campaign to secure Income Protection and Critical Illness for people living with HIV. In their HIV Life Assurance Survey in 2014 we established that 70% of UK Insurers offered Life Assurance and 0% of UK insurance companies offer any Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover to HIV Positive people.

In response to this we have recently completed a more detailed survey, which has focused specifically on the IPP and CIC needs of the HIV Community. Throughout 2015 we will be publishing statistics from this survey to raise awareness and to encourage the UK Insurance industry to look at these issues seriously.

We have found that many more HIV Positive people are now asking us for IPP and CIC, alongside the Life Assurance that we are arranging for them.

Here’s an example where Richard (Aged 34) and Brian (Aged 32) recently approached us for Insurance to protect their mortgage.

Richard Said …

“I’ve recently taken a new mortgage for £200,000 and would like to take out Life Assurance for both myself and my partner Brian. I’m HIV Positive and my partner is HIV Negative, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to get Life Insurance for both of us?

Richard Continued …

“We would also like to know about any possibilities for protecting our mortgage in the event of serious illness. Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover seem to be mentioned a lot when talking about Mortgages, so we’d like to know more about these products?”.

Here’s the latest situation with regards to personal insurances for the HIV Community.

We believe that it is a human right for HIV positive people to be able to protect their homes, mortgages, families, businesses and incomes with both Life Assurance and Personal Insurances like IPP and CIC. Over the coming months we will be releasing more key statistics that will support our campaign to secure IPP and CIC for the HIV Community.

And Richard & Brian? …

We arranged HIV Life Assurance for Richard who is HIV positive, which allowed him to complete the mortgage and buy their new home. We also arranged Life Assurance with Critical Illness Cover, along with Income Protection for his partner Brian who is HIV Negative.

You can follow the campaign by reading Chris Morgan’s resident column in Baseline Magazine or by visiting us at our new Facebook Campaign Page Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services. We would be very interested to hear your views and comments about Mortgages or Insurance for positive people.

If you require more information on HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages or Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance, Hepatitis C Mortgages you can contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services on 0845 474 3075, or email at or on the web at

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