How HIV Life Assurance has changed the finances of the HIV Community in the UK? …

Unusual Risks would like to share with you some of the ways that HIV Life Assurance has enabled HIV Positive people in the UK to improve their financial situations.

From a position where many types of financial goals were difficult and in some cases impossible to achieve, there are now many new opportunities available to people with HIV in the UK.

Imagine what further improvements could made if similar to Life Assurance the UK Insurance Industry decided to take the bold step of providing Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for people with HIV.

These are some of the good things that have happened since life assurance was introduced in 2009.

Mortgages – 70% of HIV Life Assurance is taken to protect a mortgage, so that family and loved ones can stay in a property should the worst happen.

Family and Partners – 30% of HIV Life Assurance is taken to protect families and partners providing financial security to surviving partners and dependent children.

Businesses – HIV Positive people are now able to protect their commercial interests, such as business mortgages and loans that normally require Life Assurance as a condition of lending.

Child Trust Funds – By far the most important of all these is that parents are now able to write HIV Life Assurance policies and place them into a trust fund for their children.

The HIV Community are increasingly becoming aware of other Insurances that exist in the UK.

Every week HIV Positive people phone my office asking for Income Protection and/or Critical Illness Cover that is currently unavailable to them. These people are normally looking to protect their mortgage payments, or their regular monthly income in the event of long term illness.

Unusual Risks are now actively campaigning to secure IPP and CIC products for people with HIV and have recently completed research that supports our campaign. Throughout 2015 we will be publishing these statistics and raising these issues within the UK insurance industry.

How You Can Help …

We are asking for your help to increase awareness of our campaign and to raise public opinion around this issue. We’re asking you to share our postings with your friends and make comments on the findings of our research as we release them into the community.

Please join us by liking our campaign page …

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