Unusual Risks Offer Insurance Advice to People Living With HTLV-1 …

Unusual Risks are best known for their ground breaking work arranging Life Assurance and Mortgages for people living with HIV …

Chris Morgan their Lead Financial adviser led a 10 year campaign to persuade the Insurance industry to insure HIV positive people and was part of the Working Group that helped to create HIV Life Assurance.

Over the year’s Chris has helped many under represented groups of people find Insurance and Mortgage products, with many successes over the years for clients from the LGBT, HIV, Hepatitis, Expatriate, Cryonics and recently the HTLV-1 communities.

Here’s a recent example of where he arranged Critical Illness Cover for someone living with HTLV-1 who was told they were uninsurable!

I would like to share with you a recent case example that illustrates how the insurance industry can exclude people applying for Insurance and in particular Critical Illness Cover, even though they are in fact completely insurable.

The client in question approached me after being declined by every single Life Insurance provider in the UK, for both Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover. They had been diagnosed with the virus HTLV-1 four years ago, which was used as a reason for the Insurers to decline their application.

My client explained the reasons that the Insurer’s blanket exclusion did not make sense and presented me with clear medical data to support their position. On presenting this evidence to one of my leading insurers it quickly became clear that the client was indeed insurable.

However, they were only offered Life Assurance, without any Critical Illness Cover. Once again my client presented me with supportive evidence to suggest that this stance did not make sense, which again helped us to overturn the decision.

My client was then offered Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover, with a full exclusion for Cancer related claims. Once again my client was unhappy with this decision and provided yet more medical evidence that proved the insurer’s decision did not make sense.

Finally, the insurance company offered my client Life Assurance with full Critical Illness Cover, which was quite unbelievable considering only a few weeks before they had been told they were completely uninsurable.

Unusual Risks are specialist insurance advisers for people living with unusual medical conditions.

If you require more information on Life Insurance and Mortgages for people living with HTLV-1, HIV, Hepatitis or any other unusual medical condition you can contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services on 0845 474 3075, or email at Enquiries@unusualrisks.co.uk or on the web at http://www.unusualrisks.co.uk/ 

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