HIV Life Insurance & HIV Income Protection Column – Edition 2

What are the options available for HIV positive people for Income Protection?

We have recently published the fact that only 37% of people living with HIV currently have Life Insurance. This is because of limited availability of products from providers. If you have been declined for Life Insurance, then we may be able to assist you in finding Life Insurance cover.

Are you aware that people living with HIV are now able to apply for a Life Insurance term of 30 years through Unusual Risks?

Also we have recently completed our first HIV Income Protection application, with a new provider who are offering this type of cover – with no HIV exclusion.

Income Protection – Limited Availability

Income Protection offers Insurance cover should you not be able to work due to long term illness.

People have been asking us for HIV Income Protection for the last 15 years and we have been campaigning all this time to secure inclusive cover. This means that the policy offered should not have any specific exclusions for HIV. The new product that has recently been launched meets that key objective.


Those most likely to be accepted for cover are people with HIV that do not have any other significant medical conditions, or those with only minor controlled pre-existing conditions for example asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high BMI (Body Mass Index).

The criteria for approval is currently extremely strict, but we do feel a duty of care to offer quotations to those who may qualify. We maintain that this product was deliverable over 10 years ago, but it is only now that it is becoming available in limited quantities in the market.

If you think you qualify for the new products and would like to find out more about HIV Income Protection, please email us at

Who are Unusual Risks?

We are the UK’s leading specialists at placing HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance. Chris Morgan, our lead financial adviser, led a decade long campaign to secure Life Insurance for the HIV Community and has been advising the HIV Community for over twenty four years.

He was responsible for the removal of the “Gay Question” from Life Insurance policies in 2005 and was part of the working group that designed and introduced HIV life Insurance products in 2009. More recently, in 2017, Chris has co-written the Industry best practice and consumer guide.

Currently Chris is campaigning for equality with regards to Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for the HIV Community. He is a well known advocate, activist and campaigner on Insurance issues, who undertakes regular speaking engagements on HIV Insurance issues.

He has recently succeeded in securing Co-Risk Life Insurance products for the HIV Community, which means that people who have been declined for cover for over two decades can now apply for Life Insurance Cover.

Unusual Risks Community Signposts

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Adviser Career Biography – Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and has been writing on HIV Insurance and HIV Finance issues for over 24 years. His column has previously been resident for publications such as Baseline Magazinand Pink Paper.

For more information about HIV & Hepatitis Insurance and Finance matters he may be contacted at Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075.  Email: Web: 

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