HIV & Insurance Column – Edition 8 – December 2020

“The Generation Game” – Part 8 – “Life Cover For All People Living with HIV?” Commentary By Chris Morgan

One of the key themes throughout my commentary this season has been the Social Responsibility of Life Insurers to offer “Life Insurance For All”. With the effects of COVID being felt across the community on many levels, we have been doing out upmost to secure Life Insurance for as many people as possible through this worrying time.

The vast majority of Life Insurance companies and banks are operating with COVID restrictions on Life Insurance products that effect people living with HIV. However, we still have a number of mainstream insurers willing to offer cover, but these products are only being offered through Financial Advisers like Unusual Risks.

Third Generation

The latest generation of HIV Life Insurance products are at the lowest premiums that have ever been offered to people with HIV and are being offered to people regardless of their occupation. This means that those working in frontline medical professions are not penalised in anyway and have full access to Life Insurance cover.

Throughout the pandemic we have also been working on solutions for the HIV Community that will guarantee a level of “Life Insurance For All”. Be sure to keep reading my column in early 2021 to find out more details of our plan for making certain all members of the HIV Community are able to access some form of Life Insurance.

Client Case Example, James & Ella, Aged 37 & 38, Doctor & Food Scientist

James and Ella approached us looking to review and update their Life Insurance arrangements, as they were concerned over his role on the medical frontline due to the pandemic. He thought that he would find it difficult to obtain Life Insurance due to the perceived higher risk of his occupation.

We looked at their existing cover and discovered that we were in fact able to double their sum assured and half their premium. They were able to afford an increase in their cover from £150,000 to £300,000. It is true that HIV Life Insurance is available through less companies than before, but it has never been more affordable and achievable.

Declined For Cover? We Can Help

Throughout the pandemic, we have been more determined than ever to make certain that everyone is able to access some form of Life Insurance, as a basic human right, to protect their mortgages, debts and families. Keep checking back to my new HIV and Insurance column for further details of our  “Life Insurance For All!” campaign.

Who are Unusual Risks?

We are the UK’s leading specialists at placing HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance. Chris Morgan, our lead financial adviser, led a decade long campaign to secure Life Insurance for the HIV Community and has been advising the HIV Community for over two decades.

He was responsible for the removal of the “Gay Question” from Life Insurance policies in 2005 and was part of the working group that designed and introduced HIV life Insurance products in 2009. More recently, in 2017, Chris has co-written the Industry best practice and consumer guide.

Currently Chris is campaigning for equality with regards to Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for the HIV Community. He is a well known advocate, activist and campaigner on Insurance issues, who undertakes regular speaking engagements on HIV Insurance issues.

Unusual Risks Community Signposts

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Chris Morgan is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and has been writing on HIV Insurance and HIV Finance issues for over 20 years. His column has previously been resident for publications such as Baseline Magazinand Pink Paper.

For more information about HIV Insurance and Finance matters he may be contacted at Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075.  Email: Web: Blog:

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