HIV & Insurance Column – Edition 1 – August 2020

“The Generation Game” – Part 1 – The Pricing of Life Insurance Products – Commentary By Chris Morgan

There have been three generations of HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance products since 2009 when they were first introduced. Progressively they have been getting better in regards to lower premiums and the terms being offered to consumers today.

The original first generation policies were for just a 10 year term and the second generation, introduced in 2013, were for longer periods of 15, 20 and 25 years. These had complicated “Price Per Mill” ratings that are more expensive than those ratings available today. (These policies should now be reviewed).

The Third Generation

The latest generation products, introduced before the interruption of COVID-19 and Coronavirus, have delivered the lowest premiums and best terms yet to the HIV Community. We have been working very hard to protect this progress in the last few months with our insurers and re-insurers during the pandemic.

The recent news that only 13% of High Street Life Insurers, Banks and Building Societies are currently offering Life Insurance or Life Assurance to People With HIV is not ideal for sure. But we are offering the very best possible response to less open minded Life Insurers, Banks and Building Societies and their reaction to the pandemic.

Client Case Example, Panha, Aged 48, Restaurant Manager

Panha one of our existing clients has been with us since 2009 and has gradually been able to lower his premium and increase the size of his Life Insurance cover over the last decade. Recently were able to reduce his premium by 50% due to price improvements in the current products, which we are recommending.

The original cover that he took out was protection his mortgage, which his bank was unable to offer him. The eighteen high street banks and building societies in our latest research are still showing that Life Insurance for people living with HIV is unavailable through their advisers.

Declined For Cover?We Can Help !

The current situation with COVID 19 and Corona Virus means there is an “Unusually” high number of people living with HIV being declined by Life Insurance Companies for cover at this moment – be assured we have been working hard to protect the interests of the HIV Community throughout this difficult period.

Unusual Risks are able to secure Life Insurance at the very best premium rates for people with HIV, as we have access to the “Whole of Market” and have strong relationships with the very best Life Insurance Companies to secure you cover for you.

Who are Unusual Risks?

We are the UK’s leading Specialist at placing HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance. Chris Morgan, our lead financial adviser led a deacade long campaign to secure Life Insurance for the HIV Community and has been advising the HIV Community for over over two decades.

He was responsible for the removal of the “Gay Question” from Life Insurance policies in 2005 and was part of the working group that designed and introduced HIV life Insurance products in 2009. More recently, in 2017, Chris has co-written the Industry best practice and consumer guide.

Currently Chris is campaigning for Equality with regards to Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for the HIV Community. He is a well known advocate, activist and campaigner on Insurance issues, who undertakes regular speaking engagements on HIV Insurance issues.

Unusual Risks Community Signposts

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Chris Morgan is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and has been writing on HIV Insurance and HIV Finance issues for over 20 years. His column has previously been resident for publications such as Baseline Magazine and Pink Paper.

For more information about HIV Insurance and Finance matters he may be contacted at Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075.  Email: Web: Blog:

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