Positive Finance Edition 2 – HIV Life Insurance, HIV Life Assurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover …

“Privacy & Disclosure”! by Chris Morgan

Life Insurance was introduced for people living with HIV over a decade ago and as mentioned in my previous column, the Insurance Industry is still yet to offer Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover. Unusual Risks are at the forefront of campaigning for change in this complicated area.

Within our role covering people for Life Insurance and Life Assurance we believe we also have a responsibility to represent the HIV Community by raising this outstanding issue within the Insurance Industry. We currently are in discussions with several leading industry figures over these matters.

Every week people contact my office for HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance and they also ask for Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover. Life Insurance products are HIV inclusive and currently “IPP & CIC” exclude HIV, which we are working towards changing.

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Life Insurance & Life Assurance Case Example, Lencho, Aged 47, School Teacher …

Lencho approached us for Life Insurance or Life Assurance, to protect his family. He had already spoken to another financial adviser and had been turned down for cover elsewhere. Ironically the Insurance Company he had been introduced to did not even offer cover to people with HIV. He was concerned about his privacy and the disclosures he had made.

Lencho Explained ..

“The financial adviser that arranged my mortgage was insistent we also needed Life Insurance and it could be arranged very easily. I was very concerned when he asked me questions about HIV. He took me by surprise and I regret disclosing my HIV status to him”.

Unusual Risks will only submit a formal application to a Life Insurance Company once we have a clear indication that they will offer terms. We take our clients disclosures and privacy very seriously and avoid any predictable adverse situations like the one encountered by Lencho.

We are specialists at finding Inclusive Life Insurance and Life Assurance protection to people living with HIV …

Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover Campaign – (“A Decade Is Long Enough!)

We are talking to various product providers and leading industry figures on this issue and will keep you informed of developments through my Positive Finance column. I’m fully aware that it took over a decade to encourage Insurers to introduce HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance, so “IPP & CIC” is not going to be an easy task.

Over the coming weeks, I will be re-visiting our past research in this area and invite you all to participate in the campaign to secure Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for people living with HIV. We are determined that these products should be fully inclusive products, without exclusions within their terms and conditions. (“A decade is long enough”!)

Other Medical Conditions

Throughout my career I’ve assisted many other people with medical conditions that are not directly HIV related, many of these Health Conditions I would consider to be “Private Medical” conditions. You will find a list of medical conditions that we can advise here http://unusual-risks.co.uk/?page_id=996

Chris Morgan was a consultant to the Association of British Insurers medical underwriting committee for over 15 years in relation to HIV and other private medical conditions. He has been advising clients in regards to their protection needs for over 30 years and is the UK’s Leading “HIV and Medical” financial adviser.

His Career Biography can be viewed here http://unusual-risks.co.uk/?page_id=980  If you need any information about “Inclusive Insurance” for any medical condition or are a medical professional with a patient or client that needs advice, then you can call us on 0845 474 3075 or email us at  Enquiries@unusualrisks.co.uk  or at our website www.unusualrisks.co.uk

Unusual Risks are specialists at finding inclusive Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection for people with complex medical situations. As the UK’s Leading Specialist “HIV and Medical” Financial Advisers, we understand the importance of Confidentiality, Discretion and Privacy in regards to medical information.


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