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HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance …

Unusual Risks have enjoyed widespread national press coverage of their latest HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance campaign. Awareness within the HIV community towards HIV Life Assurance ad HIV Life Insurance is now at 78%, which is a huge jump from last year where this  figure was only 20%. Follow these links to read national press […]

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Cryonics and Insurance …

Unusual Risks are independent insurance advisers for people with pre-existing medical conditions or in unusual circumstances. We offer financial advice without fear of discrimination, attention to colour, creed, sexuality, health status or personal beliefs. We regularly offer independent financial advice to people looking for Whole of Life Assurance for the purpose of funding Cryonics and […]

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Hepatitis C and Finance – Life Assurance and Life Insurance

Unusual Risks have recently been featured in the Hepatitis C Trust Spring Newsletter. See page 21 for a special Hepatitis C and Finance feature … They have also recieved widespread national press for their Hepatitis C and finance research. Here are some links about Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance and Hepatitis […]

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