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Introducing….Unusual Risks

We’re a company of financial advisers born out of the prejudice and discrimination that can exist in the financial world today. In our experience your health status, occupation, hobbies and credit history can seriously influence the price that you are asked to pay for financial products. We are absolute specialists at looking after people who […]

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Loaded Insurance

Do you have a Pre-exisiting health condition? Unusual Risks help client with a heart condition find Life Assurance. Phillip is looking for Life Assurance for his Mortgage for an amount of £300,000 but is hesitant that he will be able to obtain cover. He has a slight heart condition, which has been controlled by medication. […]

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Risky Insurance

Do you work in a risky occupation? Unusual Risks help one ambulance driver who is having trouble getting insurance cover. Michael is trying to get accident and sickness cover for his mortgage, for which he pays £600 a month. He’s been declined for cover twice already and, due to his occupation, a third insurance company […]

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Hazardous Pastimes

Do you take part in a higher risk pastime or hobby? Unusual Risks gives advice to one client who is involved in rock climbing. Steve is trying to get Life Assurance for his mortgage, but is finding that his hobby of ‘sports climbing’ is being rated as a high risk pastime. He’s decided to seek […]

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Multiple Mortgages

Are you thinking of taking new mortgages? Unusual Risks advise one couple, who are planning to let their home and then buy a second one in this difficult mortgage market. Jake and Joanna want to turn their current home into a buy to let mortgage and use the equity to buy a new home. Their […]

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